Admin Assistance

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Admin Assistance launched on the premise that it would offer genuine and worthwhile administrative support for businesses worldwide. Owned by Dee, Admin Assistance has over 20 years administrative experience collectively working from the front and back of office environments.

Dee has spent most of her working life supporting a variety of different services, she was a project coordinator for a small social enterprise, a Clerical Assistant for the NHS as well as a Senior Administrator at a preschool.

The aim of Admin Assistance is to provide on demand support to businesses, to help them build sustainable internal data management systems and efficiently process paperwork, whenever needed. Good practice and record keeping go together and prove to be vital to the success of any business.

At Admin Assistance the services are designed to benefit the individual business, to support, maintain their delivery and management of products or services. If you feel you need support with your company’s paperwork and data processing. Admin Assistance is the right place!

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