Cleaning Your Jewellery

The best way to brighten, dull Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia and Czech Crystals is with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Clean it by rubbing off the dirt in small circular motions - once clean, pat dry with a soft micro fiber cloth.

For untarnished gold, platinum and stainless steel jewellery gently buff and scrub with a soft bristle brush or cloth. If it's tarnished, make a mix of mild soapy water, submerge the jewellery and carefully brush with a soft bristle brush or cloth. Rinse it with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Sterling silver is a soft metal that can scratch easily, rubbing it or using a normal cleaning cloth will scratch the surface. We advise using a silver polishing cloth or the micro fiber cloth we supply with our jewellery to polish and get rid of tarnish. Again remove light scratches and tarnish by gently buffing the item in small circular motions.

When pearls or beads are visibly dirty, wash them in 1 teaspoon of soap diluted in 1 cup of water, Immerse them for 10 to 15 seconds, wipe with a soft micro fiber cloth and lay flat to dry. Store them in a cotton bag and separate from other jewellery. To ensure that they stay beautiful, wipe them with a dry micro fiber cloth after each use.

Following these instructions will keep your jewellery sparkling for years to come!

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