Do's and Dont's

Helping to take care of your jewellery - Here are some general do's and don'ts.


Add your jewellery last when you're dressing

Store your jewellery carefully to avoid tangling and scratching

Handle with care :)

Check fasteners periodically for any damage


Wear jewellery when bathing or cleaning

Wear to bed

Wear when you're exercising

Wear when doing housework or Gardening etc

Allow jewellery to directly contact with perfume, hairspray, body lotions, foundations etc.

Use abrasive or strong cleaners on your jewellery

Precious Metals - Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is one of the precious metals with a shiny, stylish look. It is also a natural characteristic of silver to tarnish. To remove the tarnish clean with a specialist cleaning cloth or fluid.

Precious Metals - Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a precious metal with warmth and luster. It can be kept clean and lustrous with a specialist cleaning cloth or fluid. Specialist cleaning and polishing by a jeweler is highly recommended.

Precious Metals - White Gold

White gold is a precious metal that is both beautiful and popular. White gold requires high maintenance to retain its luster. To restore the white luster rhodium plating periodically is required. This specialist procedure can be carried out by a jeweler.

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