Why Stainless Steel?

This is a question you may have asked yourself. Well the answer to that is because Stainless Steel does not tarnish and is affordable! Stainless Steel contains Chromium which forms a protective barrier against tarnish, rust and changes to colour. Stainless steel is known to be long lasting and durable because it is a strong metal which doesn’t bend or lose its shape easily. Most people find they have no allergies to Stainless Steel Jewellery, however some types contain Nickel but only a small amount so Stainless Steel is still considered hypoallergenic. But make sure before you purchase.

Stainless Steel is affordable! It costs a fraction of the price of Silver and Gold jewellery and looks just as good. Most people can’t tell the difference between Stainless Steel and Silver jewellery. Therefore, Stainless Steel is a good alternative for people who like the look of Silver jewellery but do not want the tarnishing and high maintenance that comes with it. Stainless Steel jewellery is great for swimmers, chlorine does not affect its colour. It also resists scratching, Stainless Steel is a hard metal so it is does not dent or scratch very easily.

Stainless Steel jewellery is incredibly easy to clean, all you need is warm water and maybe a little soap to remove oils and residue from your skin and you don’t need to spend a mini-fortune on jewellery cleaner. Stainless Steel jewellery is also ideal for sporty and active people as it is resistant to sweat which is the killer of Sterling Silver or Gold Plated jewellery. All in all Stainless Steel sounds pretty good doesn’t it? It’s affordable, doesn’t change colour and looks just like Silver! Thium x

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Jewellery that won't turn your skin green?

Groundbreaking! We use materials such as Stainless Steel, hypoallergenic 316L Stainless Steel, Platinum and Rhodium-plating which do not change colour or tarnish*.

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