Stainless Steel Doesn’t Tarnish!

You heard that right! Stainless Steel doesn’t tarnish or change colour like other metals you find in jewellery sold by your local High Street retailers. I founded Thium for this very reason, I was sick and tired of buying rings or bracelets that would change colour almost immediately after wearing them and I wanted to create a safe place where people can buy jewellery knowing it will not turn their finger green.

Tarnish is not an uncommon problem, Jewellery can change colour for a variety of reasons, the most common is due to Tarnish – which is when a metal such as Silver (which almost always tarnishes) loses its’ luster as a result of exposure to air of moisture. Of course we can’t keep our jewellery in a vacuum so most times jewellery that is made from Copper, Brass, Silver and other similar metals will tarnish and change to either a black, blue or greenish colour. Stainless Steel, Rhodium plated and Platinum jewellery are less reactive to the acid from your skin and oxygen in the air so they are more likely to resist tarnish (or not tarnish at all!) and retain their original colour. Stainless Steel does not tarnish because it contains Chromium which forms a protective barrier against tarnish, rust and changes to colour.

If there is a beloved ring or pair of earrings you own and they have tarnished or changed colour you may be able to restore the original luster and shine by gently polishing the jewellery with a microfiber cleaning cloth and using mild soapy water to remove grime and other debris. The same process can be used to ensure your Stainless Steel Jewellery remains in top condition throughout its’ lifetime.

Thium x

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Jewellery that won't turn your skin green?

Groundbreaking! We use materials such as Stainless Steel, hypoallergenic 316L Stainless Steel, Platinum and Rhodium-plating which do not change colour or tarnish*.

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